Complementary Approaches to Disaster Management

A holistic disaster response

Disasters can have a significant psychological and emotional impact on individuals and communities. However, there are complementary practices, such as art, music, and mindfulness, that can help alleviate these effects.


Additionally, healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, nurses, and medical clowns can provide unique perspectives and skills to address physical and mental health needs in disaster-affected areas. 


Overall, incorporating complementary approaches and players into disaster management allows for a more well-rounded and holistic approach to addressing the complex physical and psychological needs of individuals and communities affected by disasters.


The objectives of our research include:

  • Exploring the potential of complementary practices in disaster management and response
  • Examining how complementary approaches and players can enhance traditional disaster management practices for a more holistic and effective response
  • Highlighting the importance of engaging a wider range of approaches and players in disaster management and response for a collective and comprehensive approach.

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